Video Baby Monitor with Camera – 3.5 inch IPS Display,HD Night Vision Camera, 960ft Transmission Range, Temperature Monitoring,Include Compatible Mount Shelf

HIGHLY BATTERY EFFICIENT: A smart ECO mode gives you up to 12 hours operating time from the 950mAh battery. It does this by switching the baby monitor to standby when everything is quiet, and only turns on the screen and camera on when your baby makes a sound. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Product Features

  • 2.4GHZ RELIABLE CONNECTION – This long range baby monitor is powered by 2.4Ghz interference-free connection allowing you to view your baby no matter where you are in the house. EXPERIENCE INNER PEACE KNOWING THAT YOUR BABY IS SAFE AND SECURE WHEN YOU ORDER NOW!
  • STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR CHILD USING 2 WAY TALK BACK – With the two-way audio talk back, you can easily comfort your baby using your own voice when they wake up and they’ll talk back to you. Also, play any of the built-in lullabies which are designed to lure your child back to sleep!
  • HD REAL-TIME MONITORING – View any angle of your home at any time in full-color display! Monitor your child, pet or check up on elderly parents in seamless high definition video. TRY OUR BABY MONITOR ONCE & YOU’LL QUICKLY PURCHASE ANOTHER because of the high-resolution video image and audio sound being transmitted!
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION – No prior knowledge required! Just plug in the power adapter and follow the easy instructions to finish the setup in minutes. Place it on a flat surface such as a shelf, table, desk or counter.Rotate to get the best view, then monitor the baby’s heartbeat, snores, giggles or plays. You’ll never miss a special moment!
  • VIDEO BABY MONITOR NIGHT VISION – Baby Camera with Infrared Night Vision that automatically adjusts to dim light. There’s nothing stopping you from seeing your lovely baby both day and night at 2 am, 4 am, 11 pm, 12noon or any other time! HURRY! SCROLL UP AND CLICK THE YELLOW ADD TO CART BUTTON TO BUY TODAY!