Kyte BABY Cradle Cap Brush Made with Natural Goat Hair Bristles and a Bamboo Brush Handle

About Kyte BABY 3-Piece Brush Set

Kyte BABY Bamboo Cradle Cap Brush is the best for your baby and for the environment. This super soft hairbrush with 100% natural goat hair bristles safely massages baby’s scalp to help reduce cradle cap but is gentle on those sensitive soft spots.

With a bamboo handle the brush is entirely natural and safe so you can feel good about purchasing this brush for your infant. With heirloom quality,this brush is perfect for a shower gift or registry.

About Us

At Kyte BABY, we operate based on these 4 principles:

COMFORT: With materials like soft goat hair and wooden bristles, we strive to give your kids the comfort they need. Our products regulate temperature for optimal comfort, keeping your little ones warm and cozy at all times.

SIMPLICITY: We know that anything we can do to make a parent’s life easier is always worth it.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: The safety of your baby is our number one priority, period.

SUSTAINABILITY: Our products are ethically and responsibly made with bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources in the world. This way, we are able to the produce the softest products around, while making sure the world your child grows up in is a green one.

Safety tips

– Use on baby’s or toddler’s head gently

– Do not let baby chew on brush or comb