Baby Pack and Play Playpen Yard: Portable Travel Play Pen for Babies – Green

Keep your little one in sight and safe with the BabiYolo portable play yard. Our no hassle portable play yard is lightweight, foldable, and easy to set up. With its simple one hand operation system to open and close, our play yards can be placed anywhere. Set it up in the living room, park, or even the beach so your baby can enjoy fresh air and sunshine. When open the playpen is 24.8 inches x 27.5 inches, giving your baby enough room to crawl around and play.

BabiYolo play yards are perfect for inside and outside playtime thanks to their sturdy frame and padded bottom. Each play yard has 6 panels with ventilated mesh walls for visibility and airflow. The bottom of the play yard is a padded mattress pad made of weather resistant canvas so you can place is on grass or sand without worrying about water or sand getting in.
We know that babies can be messy so we made our play yards lightweight and easy to clean. Made with water resistant canvas material, you can mop up spills and wipe down the play yard with a damp cloth. If your baby makes a bit of a bigger mess, no worries! Our baby play yards feature a removable interior cloth that can be tossed in the wash if needed.

Keeping your baby safe is our top priority. The 6 panel play yard is supported with reinforced steel tubes covered with extra padding. This lets baby crawl, tottle, and bounce to their little heart’s content without you worrying about them tumbling into the sides. The mattress bottom is padded too to protect baby from stray pebbles or harder ground.

Our portable play yards comes in vibrant blue or green. We also offer the option to purchase our BabiYolo play yard with a canopy attachment. The canopy comes in matching colors and the same weather resistant material! It is also UPF50 so even on the sunniest days, your baby is well protected while outside.

Product Features

  • PACK AND PLAY: Our no hassle portable play yard is lightweight, foldable, and easy to set up in a living room, backyard, park, or the beach with its simple one hand operation system to open and close
  • INDOOR / OUTDOOR USE: Give your baby or toddler a play space of their own whether you’re inside or outside with our 6 panel ventilated mesh play yard with a built in, waterproof padded mattress bottom
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Each collapsible play yard comes pre assembled with an easy to clean and wash removable, waterproof cloth bottom; optional canopy comes in matching weather resistant canvas material
  • PADDED FOR SAFETY: Reinforced with steel tubes covered with extra padding, our 6 panel folding play pens are designed to be sturdy, reliable, and safe to protect your baby from any bumps or tumbles
  • COLORS AND CANOPY: Our portable play yards come in blue and green with the option to purchase a play yard with a UPF50 canopy attachment; all playpens come in a black carry bag for easy transportation